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The DigitalBank ICO Review The DigitalBank (DGBK) Ultra Secured Cold Storage Services The DigitalBank is Building the Bank of the Future . The First and Only Decentralized Anonymous Banking System in the World . The DigitalBank is the safest , hacking free vault for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency , more secured than any cold storage option . It’s impossible to attack the DGBK device : there are no ports,no backdoors , no keys . 100% impenetrable banking system ever developed . Problems that the DigitalBank Technology is solving : 1) Stop Hacking of Crypto Exchanges and Wallets . 2 ) Stop the loss of passwords , usernames and access keys to Bitcoin and Crypto accounts 3) Stop the Loss of Hardware Wallets and Paper wallets 4 ) Cryptocurrency custodianship for Institutional Investors , hedge funds and pensions, banks and investment firms DigitalBank is the ultimate Safe Haven of Bitcoin and Crypto Investors . There are dozens of ‘hardware wallets ‘ none of them is fully secured , because they actually store the private key inside their device , so that they can be hacked and the private key extracted . The moment the hacker get the private key of your wallet , he can get the funds on the blockchain . In addition all hardware wallets and online wallets involves a third party , it means the company that runs the hardware wallet holds backups of your private key , and as long as a third party has access to your private key , you are not safe , because your private key is found also in their hands and basically they can take hold of your crypto funds . With the DigitalBank Cold Storage Device , there is no third party involved , because we never store or know your private key , at any given time . The DigitalBank ICO Review In the DigitalBank Device , the private key is not stored inside the device . There is nothing to hack actually . The device does not store and has no way to store private keys, therefore an hacking attack is totally impossible. We are developing the most secured and anonymous Blockchain Bank in the World. 100% impenetrable, hacking free platform for managing safely your Crypto & Financial assets. We are the Fort Knox of Cryptocurrency and Financial Assets Transfers Let us know how we can cooperate. Our email address is The DigitalBank DigitalBank means Guaranteed Lifetime Account Access. The DigitalBank is a 100% Anonymous Offshore E-Banking System for cryptocurrency . This is not only a super secured hardware wallet just for crypto storage , but it includes also a full financial crypto managing platform , that let you buy, sell, trade , invest and transform in cash your cryptocurrency holdings The DigitalBank ICO Review