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00:10:37 Dante: congratulations on the role at Decentral. can you talk about how that came about 00:16:40 Shreyas Korad: Hey Ivan! 00:19:36 Mehdi Bellatig: when designing a life rpg system, which i'm trying to do, what did you find works best for sustained motivation ? other than classic points & levels. and am I right in understanding this will be the main topic of 10K hours of play ? any ETA ? 00:24:53 Devansh Doshi: Ah my fav question the fate of crypto 00:25:56 Gerald Leonard: What ways would you recommend adding gamification to a membership site and online training platform? 00:28:21 Devansh Doshi: From what I understand about blockchain is that as a tech, it work more in an across industry initiative like international logistics, cross industry loyalty program, supply chain and sourcing origins, etc For a company, centralized tech is all they need. 00:31:02 Devansh Doshi: Ethereum is building an entire ecosystem around it and ecosystems win historically 00:34:31 Ulric: block chain technology is very difficult to hack when done right. It is useful in many fields for data security and storage. It is like big data and data warehousing. 00:36:15 Devansh Doshi: Yeah, I also forgot about government Admin uses like Citizen data, real estate ownership, etc Also advertising where users can sell their own data to advertisers 00:41:19 Devansh Doshi: Game loops is one of the best material on OP I am yet to internalize it but will do that soon 00:41:52 Shreyas Korad: tamagotchi is a great 247 combo 00:45:23 Ulric: Are geomons supposed to appear in you album on their own? 00:48:07 Bo: I did wait for a long time to use the island. The wordpress site was my favorite place to watch OP videos the first months. 00:53:36 Charles MK: Hi ! sorry i’m late jet lag :) 00:55:17 Mehdi Bellatig: oh, yes, is there a list of the game design techniques somewhere ? 00:58:50 Gerald Leonard: What is the name of the book that helped you close more business? 01:01:37 Ulric: My statistics professor said a good staticstian and make the data prove anything is good or bad. Even with the same data. 01:02:37 Devansh Doshi: haha lying with data 01:03:04 Shreyas Korad: hahahaa, “perspectives” 01:09:12 Gerald Leonard: Excellent Session! 01:09:20 Erik: Thanks all! 01:09:22 Mehdi Bellatig: Thank you! bye 01:09:22 Charles MK: prime on haha