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Hi All,

So, this is my first time selling software directly within the Crypto space and solely online. I thought i'd give hackernews a go in seeking some advice and perhaps broker opportunities (to those that have contacts/leads within the industry).

Whats for sale: I am listing an original P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange (similar to Localbitcoins but with more Cryptocurrencies integrated other than Bitcoin) and a Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet Codebase (with similar features to Bitgo) for sale at the price of $xxx,xxx via escrow/in person.

For full features list/languages written in kindly click my username to view. All info in ‘about’ section due to word count restrictions

This is an entire exchange written by myself only. Intellectual property rights will be transferred to prospective buyer along with a contract regarding conditions of transfer. The script can be opened on a local server and requests for demonstrations are welcome. A basic front end has been produced to allow the new owner freedom to produce a front end to their own taste and to reflect their own brand. Information on infrastructure and security will be given. There are running costs (infrastructure and security) as well as advertising costs if you choose that route, i've learnt through the hard way over the years that i am by no means an entrepreneur so i do what i am good at and thats freelancing hence why i regularly sell different kinds of software.

Interested parties are welcome to reach out via my personal website, WhatsApp or Skype/Hangouts.

This is for sale at a one time only basis. Support will be offered in terms of going live/infrastructure/security/setup. Making further additions, should it be requested, is also admissible.


So, i'd be grateful for any tips and if this grabs any eyeballs that may be interested in brokering the product for a commission i'd be happy to chat! Thank you for your time.