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34 years old this year. As of today my net worth has now crossed the $1M mark! 1 year shy of my predicted age of 35. I’m so happy!! I’ve always grown up poor. My first love left me because I couldn’t afford a car. Lots of red pills came in hard and fast as a poor young man. Mgtow for life! Edit: many of you have asked for tips.. So I’m pinning this modified reply I gave to one of you.. 1. Go mgtow (obviously) 2. Have a regular exercise routine, eat proper food, get enough sleep 3. Pay off any debt as quickly as possible and before investing 4. Create value. Value attracts income. It could be a skill or a product, it doesn’t have to be unique but it should be of use to your community. 5. Commit to minimalism which will help you to save aggressively. 6. Learn about the nature of the economy and how money works in today’s world. Nothing fancy, YouTube is all you need. 7. Invest according to your risk appetite. Listen to financial advisors pitches but don’t FOMO into their products. Never sign anything on the same day without sleeping on it. 8. Don’t expect a free lunch, be consistent in your saving and remember there are no short cuts. 9. Earn your money ethically. At the end of the day, your integrity is all you have that can never be taken away from you. Only you can compromise it. I hope this helps!